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My contribution will be on display from October 29. Check


L o n g i n g  f o r  D o n a l d  J u d d

From Friday 14 October you can discover minimalist art in museum iCOON. In an exhibition that is not finished in one go, but that grows and changes over time.

MINIM.AAL is formed by a growing number of minimalist artworks & objects by Rotterdam, Dutch and European artists and designers.

The exhibition starts with an A0 mural by Lydia Wierenga. From that moment on, the exhibition builds up slowly: the following week, the exhibition is expanded with works by 4 other artists. And it goes on like this.
We are always looking for exciting combinations. Many artists and designers are charmed by this different set-up. It also gives the opportunity to give each artist or designer their own opening moment, whether or not combined with other activities.

We hope this will provide an exciting exhibition for our visitors. So exciting that it doesn't stop at a one-time visit, but keeps you coming back to visit the growing exhibition.


Galerie D'Apostrof

Pastoriestraat 59, 9800 Deinze



expostion from

  november 27. until

december 18.  2022

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